The Most Important Book You’ll Read This Year

Connect, by David Bradford and Carole Robin

Andy Dunn
1 min readFeb 9, 2021


Fifteen years ago I met Carole Robin. She was my professor, then.

Eleven years later, I felt so strongly about what she had done for me that I endowed a fellowship fund in her name — committing, at the time, more money than I had to my name.

It was financially brazen. It was reckless.

But I did it for a reason. Carole had given me something of incalculable value: the ability to influence people, and to be influenced by them, in ways previously unthinkable.

How did she do that?

For decades, the answer has been a secret, knowable only to a very privileged and select group of Stanford students who took her Interpersonal Dynamics course each year.

Now she and the co-developer of that class, David Bradford, are sharing their insights with the world.

Here it is.

It’s magic.

But only if you’re ready to know.

And be known.



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