Medium the network is becoming real. I was staying for the tool anyway, but the network is “tricking” me into spending more time, and making it more fun.

I used to come here to speak. Now I come to Medium to listen. And that’s far more valuable in the long run.

Highlights and responses are both features that surprised me; I didn’t see them coming. I’m not totally sure what to make of my feed yet (a bit disjointed) or the way following collections / “media brands” works (hard to know what’s good to follow), but I can feel you are getting there on the network.

1. One (minor) product idea: I have twice had this instinct to take a highlighted quote and to tweet it, and in so doing attribute the author of the piece and also the name of the piece if possible. It seems like sharing a snippet of what someone says, the “money quote” and having it be attributed to their handle and plugging the piece via the link that it came from is a logical step. I dreamt this feature was already available on desktop, maybe it is! It gets crowded to do in 140 characters, but I do see it as an organic user behavior that can be featurized.

2. I still wonder if you will ever power content in the field. Powered by Medium. If there is a way to then “double expose” the content both on the hub and spoke; I don’t know if there is. But the idea intrigues me, like Medium becoming the supreme “digital paper” due to its simplicity. At Equateur at Bonobos we would certainly think about it. You will pick up a lot of blogs everywhere. That could be good and bad. I think mostly good. Or it could be as good of an idea as Instagram for desktop is: something in theory that would increase use but ultimately either harm the product or never be useful enough to merit existence.

3. You mention the target use of someone who doesn’t want to invest in a blog. But what about for someone who does? Can you make medium home pages more heroic to increase the power of the network? I imagine you are at work on this. It relates to #2; aka it becomes more important if you don’t offer Powered by Medium — though I suspect it is important no matter what.

Spirit animal @bonobos, swan hunter @redswan, brother @monicaandandy. I love cilantro but love even more the people that hate it

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