The Angel’s in the Details

Make a Big Deal About the Little Things

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The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali

Clean the Toilet

On a recent call, a Walmart store manager spoke about how he transformed his store’s performance by focusing his team on the little things. The signal in the noise for him was the cleanliness of the bathrooms. If the bathrooms were spotless, this was an indication that everything else in the store was going right.

Two Kinds of CEO’s

The more defensive and angry I get, the more I later discover those feelings are usually just projections of feelings I am having towards myself.

Always on Time

An advisor named Martin, who taught me the servant-leader model, is that precious gem alluded to — both a great leader and a great manager. Apropos of nothing, he once told me that he always gets home early to his wife.

Traffic in Midtown

If I had factored that outlier scenarios in midtown Manhattan can create thirty minutes of parking lot traffic unexpectedly, I would have taken the subway, and added buffer for the long queue that forms in the lobby of Carlos’s building.

The M&M Canary in the Concert Coal Mine

The truth is that Van Halen had one of the most complicated shows in history. They were taking massive lights and amounts of equipment around the country. They were jumping all over the stage.

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