Farewell Caligula

This one isn’t about policy. It’s about civility, dignity, respect, humility, character, integrity, and empathy. It’s about a respect for faith *and* science. It’s about being conservative and pragmatic in the face of current calamities and future ones. This one is about what our grandparents fought for during WWII and our great-great-great grandparents died for during the Civil War. It’s about the journey of (all of) our immigrant forebears. It’s about women’s suffrage, Civil Rights, Native American justice, marriage freedom, criminal justice reform, and the ongoing extensions of all of those movements. It’s about what Lincoln said during the Second Inaugural about binding up our wounds, what MLK said about loving our enemies at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, and what Washington warned of at his Farewell Address: that bipartisan fighting would one day give rise to an American despot, on the ruins of public liberty. History will be clear that we’ve lived under a mad king; a Caligula for our time. Vote. Tell your friends to vote. And may God bless, and scientists praise, the United States of America.