Connect, by David Bradford and Carole Robin

Fifteen years ago I met Carole Robin. She was my professor, then.

Eleven years later, I felt so strongly about what she had done for me that I endowed a fellowship fund in her name — committing, at the time, more money than I had to my name.

It was financially brazen. It was reckless.

But I did it for a reason. Carole had given me something of incalculable value: the ability to influence people, and to be influenced by them, in ways previously unthinkable.

How did she do that?

For decades, the answer has been a secret, knowable only…

This one isn’t about policy. It’s about civility, dignity, respect, humility, character, integrity, and empathy. It’s about a respect for faith *and* science. It’s about being conservative and pragmatic in the face of current calamities and future ones. This one is about what our grandparents fought for during WWII and our great-great-great grandparents died for during the Civil War. It’s about the journey of (all of) our immigrant forebears. It’s about women’s suffrage, Civil Rights, Native American justice, marriage freedom, criminal justice reform, and the ongoing extensions of all of those movements. It’s about what Lincoln said during the Second…

Cody Keenan, Chief Speechwriter for President Barack Obama, dropped the graduation speech of the year

Cody Keenan and Barack Obama

These are the words we all need to hear.

All right, ‘Cats fans. It’s Senior Week. Class of 2020: welcome to The Last Lecture.

Maybe literally, who knows.

Allegra, thank you. I think we all wish we were together at The Cubby Bear right now. Though I’ve come to realize that my apartment is not entirely different.

I’m in New York City, so you might hear sirens, helicopters, my neighbor’s creaky door — it’s Zoom Live; anything can happen.

Still, I want to thank you seniors for this honor. Don’t let the circumstances stop you from enjoying your favorite…

Wired This Way, by Jessica Carson

Vasily Kafanov

The second time I met Jessica Carson we were in the front row for a live interview of Tim Ferriss with Doug McMillon. We sat down next to each other serendipitously. Casual conversation reminded us of when we first met, and quickly led us to something convergent: we were both passionate about the intersection of creativity and disorder. That’s when she told me about her book. My eyes lit up. When she asked me write the foreword to it, I was beyond honored. Here is the foreword to Wired This Way.

Foreword: Fuel, Fire, or Both?

The relationship between entrepreneurship and inner turmoil is both…

Therapy, Redesigned

Starting a company is like setting sail for an island that you are not sure exists. Sometimes you end up at that island. Sometimes you end up on a totally different continent. Sometimes you have to rebuild the boat while you are at sea, like the proverbial ship of Theseus. What matters most is that you set sail for a reason that endures, and that can sustain you on the turbulent seas.

Anu called me.

You have to meet Ariela. She’s building something that I think will resonate with you. It’s a mental health concept.

We met at the Marlton…

By Charles Dunn

from my dad’s book The Nurse and the Navigator, now available on Amazon

Photo by Brett Sayles

In later years Mom would tell the story of how she and Dad first met at Grenier Field Army Air Force [AAF] base in New Hampshire where she was a flight nurse and he was a recovering surgical patient. However, there are two conflicting accounts of how Dad initially acquired the injury that put him on the path to Mom’s medical ward.

Back in August of 1942, when Dad was 2nd Lieutenant Charles W. Dunn, Jr., he had arrived in England with advance units of the United…

By Charles Dunn

from my dad’s book The Nurse and the Navigator, now available on Amazon

Photo by Suzy Hazlewood

. . . in the course of working on this book I have realized how many stories still remain unknown to the larger world, confined as they are to the memories of veterans and their families . . . .

— Tom Brokaw
The Greatest Generation

And a . . . reason for tears tonight is one that can barely be understood now; it’s for a reason far into the future, one that I’ve no basis for yet; but I save your letters each one because they’ll…

Fix the Problem, Not the Women

Imagine if 94% of the CEO’s in the Fortune 500 were women, and men were paid at 80% of what women were paid across the board.

Can you imagine the male outrage, then? So why aren’t we as men outraged at the inequity women face in the workplace today?

A wise woman once said:

Women aren’t broken. Fix the problem, not the women.

How do we move as men from aware and activated to outraged and engaged?

In the history of equality movements, no group has ever been liberated without the ally-ship of those in the dominant group. For all…

When Just the Right Person Shows Up at Just the Right Time

Before spring break of our second year in graduate school, Brian and I had a conversation about travel. I was headed to Kenya and Uganda on a service trip that forever changed my life.

He headed off to Brazil for a friend’s wedding. Or so I thought.

I came back from Africa and asked him how the trip had been.

“I didn’t go,” he said.

Wait, what? You missed the wedding?I was perplexed.

How many times do you get a chance to go to a wedding in Brazil with dozens of your classmates?

“I drove to the garment district…

From an email I sent to some Walmart employees this past week:

As you may know, I came to Walmart through the acquisition of Bonobos in 2017. At first, I had no clue know how to operate in a larger environment. I loved the company — but I didn’t know how to get things done. I felt I wasn’t delivering. It was confusing. Sometimes frustrating. Occasionally maddening.

So I went to Doug, our CEO, and asked him for advice. He said this:

You’ve gotta ask a lot of questions.

From that conversation, I began to take an intense interest in…

Andy Dunn

Spirit animal @bonobos, swan hunter @redswan, brother @monicaandandy. I love cilantro but love even more the people that hate it

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